1. Ok, I’m going to bed for real now. I’ll answer a certain lovely anon in the morning.

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    I’ll try to tomorrow! Sleep time now, ni night

    Night. (I should have been asleep like 2 hours ago but I’ve been watching red vs blue)

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    I watched the first ep. It’s beautiful.

    Watch the next two, and then you’ll have a better idea of what it’s like.

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    librock, onethousandnumbers, ryan-jorge I am kidnapping you three at some point to watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica together.

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    From Pool: puella Magi Madoka Magica - The Illustrated Book

  7. Going to bed soon, although I’m leaving a message under a readmore for the anon from today (and the other one who I haven’t heard from today)

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  8. So, I’ve figured out recently why I’ve been so tired and also so up and down.

    It hit me today just how much stress, anxiety, and fear I’ve been living in for a good few months now. And the fact that I’ve only recently realised means that constantly feeling unsafe, anxious, and stressed has become normal for me somehow. Like, I shouldn’t be feeling like this all the time with little to no breaks, and I must be stronger than I thought to have made it through all this so far and to feel like I can keep dealing with it for the foreseeable future. But it’s taking it’s toll.

    The constant worries about being misgendered versus exposing myself to transphobia; having to keep a tight watch over my daily uni schedule to make strategic use of the few gender-neutral bathrooms; not being able to express myself and my identity in public for fear of people’s reactions and potential danger; having to navigate social situations that I’ve never been in before while under stress on a regular basis; trying to minimise my dysphoria without drawing attention to myself; always being on my guard to some extent without any time to feel safe and secure. The list goes on and this is my everyday life now. I don’t even feel safe at home because I kinda sorta came out to my mum but she was shitty at the time and now we’re basically pretending it never happened and I’m hoping she’s forgotten.

    Remember the photos of me in a skirt? That was the last time I felt truly safe and able to be 100% myself, and one of the few times I’ve been able to this year. I actually danced that day, even though I wasn’t alone, which is something I haven’t had the courage to do around people for a long time. For that short amount of time, I actually got to be me, and was able to show people who I am deep down. And I desperately need to have a regular place where I can be like that. But I don’t.

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    1. Autistic Person: *Flaps when they're happy*
    2. Autistic Person: *Hisses and pulls away when they're upset*
    3. Autistic Person: *Points and jumps when they need something *
    4. Autistic Person: *Rocks and stomps when they're upset*
    5. Autistic Person: *Verbally stims when they're anxious *
    6. Autistic Person: *Pets other to show love and affection*
    7. Autistic Person: *Has a thousand unique stims and vocalizations for different contexts that convey different meanings*
    8. Allistic Person: "See, they don't communicate at all!"
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    raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl

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